TBHK Season 2 Has Released its First Trailer on Netflix


Netflix has released a trailer for the second season of TBHK Season 2, the show that follows four Muslim women as they navigate their lives in Orlando. The new season will premiere on Netflix on May 25th, 2019 and there’s a lot more information out there right now than ever before about this show so we thought we’d help you get up to speed with everything that’s happening with tbhk.

What is Tbhk?

Tbhk is a Netflix original series. It’s a drama, set in South Africa and loosely based on the show This Is Us. The three sisters–Zoe, Naomi, and Jess–are living their lives as they deal with life-changing events like death and marriage.

Tbhk is about finding yourself when you’re not sure who you are or where you fit into the world around you; it’s about family dynamics (and how those can change over time), relationships between women, motherhood and parenthood; friendship (both platonic and romantic); love affairs that don’t last long enough; heartbreak…and so much more!

What are the characters like in tbhk season 2?

The characters are diverse and interesting. The cast is well-developed, with each character having their own story arc that builds upon itself throughout the season. Each character has flaws, but they’re also relatable in their own way–even if you don’t agree with their actions or decisions, it’s easy to understand why they made them in that moment. And it doesn’t hurt that these people are fun to watch!

Where is tbhk season 2 set?

The show’s location is Los Angeles, California. The city has been portrayed in both seasons of the series as being a place where people can be free and express themselves. This was seen when Mariah visited Los Angeles for her video shoot for “Tbhk” and showed up at friends’ homes with her boyfriend as well as getting naked on camera for her music video (which was also filmed in one of those houses).

In addition to being set in Los Angeles, tbhk season 2 will also film some scenes at different locations around the city including USC campus and Santa Monica Pier!

Who is directing and producing tbhk season 2?

The series is being written by Brian Yorkey and directed by Michael Uppendahl. Uppendah has directed episodes of Star Trek: Discovery and The Handmaid’s Tale, while Yorkey has worked on Breaking Bad, Happy Gilmore and Mad Men. Dan Jinks (who also produced HBO’s Big Little Lies) will be executive producing the show along with Big Little Lies producer Jean-Marc Vallee. Read here about air duct cleaning houston speed dry usa.

Are there any new cast members for tbhk season 2?

The show’s creators have confirmed that they are adding new cast members to the series. While there will be some familiar faces on screen, these new characters won’t be from the original show.

The reason for this has been explained by Netflix: “We want to bring in people who are not just in their first job but also have experience working with young people and teens.”

The full list of new cast members includes Allan McNeil (Daredevil) as Carrington High’s vice principal; Colton Haynes (Arrow) as Principal Turner; Catherine Dent (Freeform comedy Awkward) as Ms. MacKenzie; Theo Rossi (Sons of Anarchy) as Coach Deaton; Danika Yarosh (Pitch Perfect 2) – who was also known for her role on The Fosters – plays newcomer Jessica Zanetti; and Ana Mulvoy-Ten makes her debut playing Zoey Brooks’ mother Gena Brooks

How long will tbhk season 2 be on Netflix?

Like all Netflix series, the run of a show’s second season will depend on how many episodes it has in total. Tbhk Season 2 has 16 episodes, which means that its total runtime will be about 80 minutes or so (or less).

There is a lot of information out there about tbhk and it can be a little overwhelming to understand everything at once.

The first season of Tbhk was an absolute hit. It was the first show with a focus on the lives of three friends and their families, who all come from different backgrounds and cultures. The show also tackled serious issues like racism and sexism while also bringing laughs along with it.

Season 2 will be no different in this respect – there’s nothing here that you won’t find in Season 1. But because I’m writing this article for those who might not have seen or watched the first season yet (or perhaps just need some refreshers), I’ll try to break down everything you need know about tbhk season 2 before diving into our review below!


With all of this information, it’s clear that Tbhk is one of Netflix’s most anticipated shows. The streaming service has been teasing new episodes since the second season was announced and viewers are eager to see what happens next. We hope you enjoyed learning about tbhk season 2 (and maybe even learned a thing or two too)!

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